House Cleaning Williamsburg Brooklyn

The decision to adopt more thoughtful, healthy and eco-friendly cleaning practices is a reflection of your values. ​

Creating a green, healthy home means putting you and your family’s well being first, but it also reflects an awareness of how your household fits into a larger context. ​

​By using non-toxic eco-friendly cleaning products we are making small but powerful changes, that will make a big difference in the health of your home, your family, and the world around us.

By living green, we seek to reduce our negative impact on the planet in small, everyday ways.

RESIDENTIAL CLEANING and House Cleaning in Williamsburg Brooklyn

New York Eco-friendly cleaning service ‘ Good Karma’ provides weekly or bi-weekly service of consistent quality with the use of environmentally friendly products. The first cleaning is more thorough and will take a bit longer. Below is a list of regular cleaning we do in each room of your home. We also provide Laundry, Ironing, and folding services.

Living Room
*dust picture frames and mirrors
*dust and wipe lamps and tables
*vacuum couch, clean under couch cushions, chairs and rug/carpet
*vacuum and mop floor
*House Cleaning Williamsburg Brooklyn

Dining Room
*clean picture frames and mirrors
*wipe off dining room table,
*wipe down chairs
*vacuum and mop floor

Bed Room
*dust and clean picture frames, mirrors
*dust and wipe night table
*make bed
* linens changed (available upon request)
* pick up children toys and organize
*wipe down of headboard and footboard
*vacuum and mop floor

*dust all surfaces and take care of valuables when dusting them
*dust off frames on wall
*clean frames and mirrors
*vacuum and mop floor
*house cleaning williamsburg brooklyn

*clean out tub/shower thoroughly including shower door
*clean toilet seat and inside of toilet bowl
*wash inside and outside of sink/basin
*clean mirror(s)
*vacuum and mop floor

*clean outside of stove, stove burners and stove top
*clean inside and outside of microwave
*wash off all counters and sink
*clean outside of dishwasher and refrigerator
*vacuum and mop floor
*empty trash and change bags
General cleaning in all rooms throughout every room we dust off all flat surfaces (within reach), clean baseboards and remove cobwebs.

Move-in/Move-out Cleaning​
​Are you selling your home, buying a home, renting or a realtor looking for someone to do deep cleaning of an empty unit or home. Good Karma provides the following One Time Move-in/Move-out Cleaning services.
*clean inside and outside of toilet bowl and tank
*wash inside and outside of sink/basin
*clean mirror(s), clean inside any empty cabinet(s)
*clean down the walls and/or tile vacuum and mop floor
*wash bathtub (soap and baking soda)

*clean outside of stove, including stove top
*clean inside and outside of microwave,
*clean outside of dishwasher, refrigerator and cabinets
*wash off all counters and sink, wipe down walls
*vacuum and mop floor
*clean inside kitchen cupboards and cabinets
Bedroom(s) and Common Rooms
*clean off baseboards
*wipe down walls, remove spider webs,
*vacuum, including hard to reach corners
*mop floors