Carpet Cleaning Upper East Side

Your wall-to-wall carpeting and broadloom works hard for you every day. Despite being walked all over by everyone and everything, it enhances your home every day with warmth, color and comfort. At Mint Green Cleaning, we give your trusty carpeting some expert tender loving care to keep it cleaner, fresher, younger looking and lasting longer.

Every once in a while, you likely notice spots on your carpeting and work on them with household fabric cleaners. However, it’s very difficult to completely remove a tough stain on your own and so the stains add up over time. Even if you can’t see obviously visible stains, your trusty comfortable carpeting is probably housing embedded soil and contaminates.

Carpeting can quickly collect bacteria, dust mites and allergens. You can’t always see them but they can pollute the air that your family breathes every day. So, when you trust your carpet maintenance to Mint Green Cleaning, you are giving everyone in your home a little health as well! We offer the best carpet cleaning on the Upper East Side.

We Provide the Best Upper East Side Carpet Cleaning Solutions

upper.east.sideMint Green Cleaning is the Upper East Side’s trusted specialty carpet cleaners and we understand the value of deeply cleaned wall-to-wall carpeting and broadloom and use the industry’s most advanced equipment. We want you to be thrilled with the results!

Our specialists have used the most advanced commercial-grade cleaning equipment available. To remove the toughest stains, germs, allergy-causing contaminants and dust mites, we use deep-down extraction carpet cleaning techniques that comply with manufacturers’ recommendations and warranty requirements.

But it’s much more than just about equipment. Our specialists are skilled and knowledgeable professionals who have chosen to be part of our proud tradition of service that dates back many years.

Your Mint Green Cleaning specialist will also be sure to pay expert attention to your high-traffic areas and will remove those tough and highly visible ground-in dirt spots and stains. Additional carpet services are available. Choose from carpet repair, deodorizer, pet stain & odor removal and our Scotchguard™ stain-resistant protective coating to keep your carpets looking new and feeling fresh.



Call for a Carpet Cleaning Estimate

If you need carpet cleaning on the Upper East Side or the surrounding areas, call our office and discuss your carpet cleaning needs. We will give you a free phone estimate based on the number of areas you would like cleaned. Next, we can set up a carpet cleaning appointment. We proudly serve the greater NYC area and beyond.

Our carpet cleaning professionals will come to your home to evaluate and clean your carpet & rugs. Our reliable, professional service providers handle every aspect of the job so you don’t have to. Our service will give your carpet a new look, in just one day. Your carpet will be drier, cleaner and healthier with Mint Green Cleaning.


Once your professional carpet cleaning is finished, our cleaning professionals will thoroughly inspect what they’ve cleaned, making sure that everything meets your approval.

Get Started on Your Home’s New Look Today! To get your carpet in its best shape ever, call our Upper East Side care professionals at (212) 461-3155 or request an estimate online!