Carpet Cleaning Williamsburg Brooklyn

Avoid using soapy solutions to clean your carpet. Soaking wet carpets may look clean for a short while, but the residual soap scum dries to become a sticky mould and dirt attractor. We at Mint Green Cleaning welcome you to discover our totally safe, unique and environmentally friendly top quality process to clean carpets and upholstery fabrics. This patented process is approved by leading manufacturers for most carpets and fabric including oriental rugs.

With the Mint Green Cleaning process, most carpets dry in one to two hours, and most stubborn stains, pet stains and black edges will be removed. Carpets cleaned the Mint Green Cleaning way, the Natural way, are left sparkling clean. Our secret is the power of the effervescent carbonating cleaning solution, that is so effective, that only a small amount of the moisture is necessary to achieve a clean carpet.

• Carpet Cleaning Williamsburg Brooklyn

Together we serve every style of home including famous royal palaces. We use natural, safe, low allergenic non polluting products. We guarantee most carpets will dry in one hour, and most stubborn stains, pet stains, and black edges, will be removed. These unique qualities achieve a 99% customer satisfaction rating. We are an award winning Business in our field for over fourteen years, including the Consumers Choice award winner for three years in a row, for business excellence and the Entrepreneurial Spirit Award winner two years in a row.

Carpet Cleaning in Williamsburg Brooklyn Area

We are not cheap, good quality never is. Just cut out quality process steps, and use cheap chemicals, but doing that only makes matters worse and the customer always pays more in the end. If you are more interested in healthy long lasting results, demand outstanding quality, and the finest guaranteed and warranted service, please call us for further information. We are your safest choice and your best value.

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Beware of bait and switch ads that you receive in the mail! Mint Green Cleaning gives free estimates for carpet cleaning, and there is NEVER any hidden fees. We are certified and never subcontract our carpet cleaning. Code of Ethics guarantees that the highest quality standards of workmanship and service will be provided to all clients, in a respectful and honest manner.

We will have your carpet sparkling clean and dry in hours, instead of the 1-2 days like other carpet cleaning services. We proudly serve the Williamsburg Brooklyn area, and the surrounding areas.

How do we do it?
The professional carpet cleaning staff at Mint Green Cleaning at Williamsburg use our patented hot-water Extraction system for cleaning. By utilizing super-heated water and a water softener to remove dirt and bacteria without soap or harsh chemicals, because we don’t need it. Our super-heated water breaks up dirt and grease without damaging the fibers or over-wetting your carpet. Steamatic’s proprietary recirculation system keeps the clean, hot water moving from the tank to the wand so it doesn’t have a chance to cool down sitting in the line. Once this is done powerful vacuums extract the dirty water, leaving your carpets clean, soft, and odor free.