House Cleaning Upper West Side

Our Cleaning Services Philosophy
At Mint Green Cleaning New York we have one goal in mind: Getting your home clean.

Unlike most cleaning services, we use a flat rate pricing model based on the size of your home. This ensures you get the best possible clean every time. No waiting for quotes, you can choose your preferred time and have an appointment booked in seconds. With the old hourly pricing methods your time could expire before your home is fully clean, leading to an incomplete job or costly additional time. Further, the cleaning staff could work slower to increase the costs to you. Prices could vary wildly clean to clean creating confusion and headaches.

Whether your home is a house, apartment, or condo Mint Green Cleaning New York is ready to provide you its excellent maid, housekeeper, and janitorial cleaning services.

At Mint Green Cleaning New York we aim to eliminate all of these issues. There are no hidden fees after you select your options. Pricing is standardized based on the size of your home and whatever add ons you select. We won’t bait you with introductory prices, the costs to you only ever go down the more you use us. Our cleaning staff won’t leave until the job is done.
Satisfaction guaranteed every time!

Book online in seconds or call us anytime 212.461.3155

Our 100% Guarantee
If you are unsatisfied with our service we will send staff back to fix the problems.
Your satisfaction comes first.

Our staff will come with all their cleaning supplies. If you wish to have certain products uses (i.e- specialty products for wood floors, marble countertops or sheer preference), simply leave the products out and we will use them!

Our Green Commitment House Cleaning Upper West Side

Mint Green Cleaning New York is fully committed to protecting the environment as well as it’s customers. Our entire business structure is focused on being as Eco-friendly as possible. Even our website hosting is fully wind powered (visit to learn more)

If you request us to bring our cleaning products, you can feel confident that we will use the best green products available. Unfortunately, many companies use “Green” as a buzzword and make little, if any, changes to their products while still marketing them as green. Our extensive knowledge in sustainability and the environment means our customers get to enjoy products that are Eco-friendly as well as effective House Cleaning Upper West Side.

Questions about what we use? Feel free to contact us for any information on this topic, we will be happy to provide it to you.

Pet Friendly
At Mint Green Cleaning New York, we believe that pets are family members too. All of our employees are trained to be comfortable with animals and can usually complete a full cleaning with little disruption to your pet. Of course, we will contact you if there are any concerns or unusual behaviours.

Residential house cleaning is a tough, often thankless job, but somebody’s got to do it. Do you really want to be that somebody?

In today’s on-the-go-go-go society we rarely have time to stop and smell the roses, let alone stop and scrub down the kitchen. While we’re sure you’ve probably got plenty of elbow grease left in ya after a hard day’s work, we’re betting our business that the last thing you want to do is clean house.

Let the reliable, professional cleaning staff at Mint Green Cleaning free your evenings to do something even more productive—like catch a game and guzzle a beer.

We provide quality residential house cleaning services in NYC and surrounding areas. Our cleaning service staffs are well trained and experienced to ensure you walk into a clean and healthy environment. We also offer green residential cleaning services for our environmental conscious clients.

Best of all, our cleaning services are Guaranteed!