Adding Years of Life to Your Handmade Rug

In addition to it significant financial worth, a handmade rug can also have immeasurable sentimental value. There’s a reason why so many home and business owners in NYC go above and beyond to furnish their homes and offices with these handmade treasures. When you invest money and effort into your handmade rugs, the last thing you want to see are things like staining and tearing because of improper care. Mint Green Cleaning offers the most effective and affordable professional handmade rug care in Manhattan and throughout NYC. We offer the latest most cutting-edge cleaning techniques, and provide residential and commercial services.

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Caring for Your Rug between Professional Maintenance Appointments

While we would all love to be able to have our handmade rugs professionally cleaned every day, this is just not feasible. The good news is that there are things we can do to make sure our rugs are looking their best until it’s time to get them professionally treated. Things like requesting our guests remove or wipe their shoes prior to entering our homes, regular and frequent vacuuming to eliminate loose dirt and soil, rotating the rug to avoid too much traffic on either side and regular shaking to eliminate harmful danger or allergens. When it comes time to have your rug professionally cleaned or cared for, call the experienced and qualified experts at Mint Green Cleaning.

Keep Your Handmade Rug A While Longer

As much as people may love their handmade rugs, they may be reluctant to have them professionally cared for when necessary because of the time and expense involved. Mint Green Cleaning is here to provide affordable, expedient and professional handmade rug care so you can keep the rugs you love for years to come. There’s simply no reason to throw your rugs just because they have minor pulls, stains of tears. Our professionals have served over 1000 rugs over the course of our nearly 15 years in business and we look forward to seeing what we can do for you.

Put Your Handmade Rug in Our Hands

For over 14 years, Mint Green Cleaning has been providing quality, affordable and convenient rug care services to Manhattan and the rest of NYC. We offer options to fit every budget, non-toxic cleaning substances, the most modern care techniques and experienced and committed customer service professionals. Mint Green Cleaning provides free, no-obligation estimates and proudly services homes and businesses all over the New York City area. We strive to offer the quickest turnaround times and the best possible results.

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