Carpet Cleaning Brooklyn

Extraction Cleaning Method
Reliable Carpet and Upholstery Care uses the finest in truck mounted and portable hot water extraction equipment to give your carpet and upholstery the best, longest-lasting cleaning available.

Truck mounted extraction is the cleaning method most recommended by the major carpet manufacturers. In fact, many of them put that carpet cleaning recommendation in writing, in the carpet warranty they provide to the customer.

Treat your carpets to the very best cleaning and restoration system in the Brooklyn.

Steam Carpet Cleaning Brooklyn

uses powerful deep steam cleaning extraction to remove all carpet contaminates.

half-cleanedYou can walk on your carpets and sit on your furniture within hours of cleaning. Even protected carpets and furniture dry quickly with our cleaning methods.

Not only does our extraction cleaning system give your carpets and furniture the most thorough cleaning, but also provides a “conditioner” much like conditioning your hair which prevents new soil particles from sticking to the carpet. This promotes more efficient carpet vacuuming, resulting in healthier, cleaner carpets and upholstery.

Reliable Carpet and Upholstery Care’s extraction carpet cleaning system meets and exceeds American Standards for corrective and procedural carpet cleaning (unlike any other so-called dry carpet cleaning systems).

Carpet manufacturers recommend having your carpets professionally cleaned every 12 to 18 months. Office carpets, despite the absence of children and pets, need regular, professional cleaning to remove deep-seated dirt, pollutants and stains from spilt coffee and day-to-day wear.

At ABC Green Cleaning, we use only the best cleaning methods and the latest equipment to ensure that our carpet and upholstery cleaning service is effective and efficient. Our technicians are certified by the Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification, and our equipment carries the CRI Seal of Approval. The products used for carpet and upholstery cleaning are non-toxic, biodegradable and fast drying to give you the freshest, cleanest carpets in NY.

Our Hot Water Extraction method is recommended by most carpet manufacturers, facilitating deep-cleaning and rinsing to extract all dirt and pollutants from deep within your carpets. Common belief is that hot water will damage or shrink carpets. This is simply not true, and in fact, hot water extraction is better for your carpets and for you. Much like a shower is preferable to a sponge bath because the dirty water is rinsed off with clean, hot water rather than dirty water in a bath, hot water rinsing effectively removes dirty water and any products that could leave a sticky residue.

Our carpet cleaning process begins with an on-site inspection by a technician. When the cleaning commences, the first step is a pre-vacuum to remove all surface and loose dirt. The carpet is then pre-sprayed with a special cleaning compound to loosen stubborn dirt and soiling. A rotary machine massages detergent into the carpet fibers to evenly distribute the chemicals, maximizing their effectiveness. The hot water extraction method is used to thoroughly flush the carpet, sanitizing and deodorizing it at the same time. Specialty spotting techniques are used to remove any stubborn spots that may have survived the cleaning process, then high velocity fans are used to speed up the drying process.

Upholstery cleaning methods will follow similar steps, but the treatment and method used will depend on the type of fabric to be cleaned.

ABC Green Cleaning uses non-toxic solutions for both carpet and upholstery cleaning, so if you have concerns about allergies or safety during pregnancy, discuss them with our technician. We care about our customers, and your health and safety will always come first.